Let's Go by Julie Flett - On Skateboarding & Motherhood

Let's Go by Julie Flett - On Skateboarding & Motherhood

On Skateboarding and Motherhood

When I opened Julie Flett’s new book “Let’s Go!” recently published by Greystone Kids, I knew that  this story of falling and getting back up was closely connected to ours.  

My son Luka's first time on the board had me holding my breath, envisioning all the potential injuries  that could occur – scraped knees, broken wrists, the list goes on. The worries of a mother. 

But amidst my worries, something remarkable unfolded. 

Luka embraced skateboarding with a determination that both surprised and inspired me. Despite the  risks, he practiced tirelessly, spending countless hours perfecting his skills. Even during the lockdown  when outdoor activities were limited, my son could be found outside, honing his craft day in and day  out. 

Just as described in the story, the sound of his wheels gliding on the pavement became a familiar and  comforting melody to me, echoing through the neighbourhood long into the night. I'd hear it before I  saw him, his long curls trailing behind him like wings as he soared through the air. And then, there it  was – that infectious smile plastered across his face, a testament to the joy he found on his skateboard. 

I realized that beyond the individual lessons learned on the board, skateboarding became a bond  between us, a shared passion that strengthened our connection. It wasn’t just about overcoming fears; it was about the trust and support that underpinned our relationship.  

Julie Flett’s "Let’s Go!" beautifully captures the essence of skateboarding, family, and community. It’s  a story that celebrates the joys of childhood exploration and the power of believing in oneself. Through  its pages, readers are reminded that with courage and perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle that  stands in our way. 

So, to every parent watching her child dream of joining the ranks of skateboarders whizzing by, I say  this: embrace the journey, trust in your child’s resilience, and together, discover one skatepark at a time. 

With love, 



Let’s Go” was released by local publisher Greystone Kids. Author Julie Flett is well known Cree Metis artist, see more of her work here.


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