Welcome to Kinder Books

Our mission

Our mission is to enrich and expand young minds with curated, relevant literature and thoughtful community engagement that meaningfully contributes to a hopeful future.

Our vision


Cultivate a rich inner world that informs compassionate perspectives of the outside world.


Spark creativity and new ideas that build empathy and self awareness


Foster connection with both self and the larger community that empowers a hopeful point of view.


Hard work and devotion to our ideals will yield positive outcomes for all.


Trust in each other and contribute generously to the enrichment of those around us.


Develop reasoning and judgment, that prepare young minds intellectually for a meaningful life.

Our purpose is to inspire, learn & grow

Our culture is based on connection, support and dedication.

Our culture is based on connection, support and dedication.

At Kinder Books, we are passionate about learning. We believe it should be engaging and fun to read and learn. We celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. We’re here to support and encourage a lifelong love for books.

We ask questions, we listen, and we make suggestions that enrich the development of young minds. We are passionate about sharing literature curated with care, and we understand and respect the responsibility that comes with the privilege of our position.

We believe that making even a small positive impact on a child’s mind can have a cumulative effect on society. Small moments add up to a greater good - we can all be a part of a bright future when we connect and grow together.

We genuinely care about each other and work diligently to make sure each of us gets what we need and feels safe.

We connect with the community and provide inspiring programs, workshops, and events that provide access to resources and knowledge for curious minds, young and old.

We honour a child’s journey to literacy and understand that it will lay the groundwork for a connected and meaningful life. We embody a culture of optimism. We are firmly rooted in the belief that we can build a better world through education, literacy, and compassion.