About Us

Meet Anne from Kinder Books!

Who are the brains behind the business? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I founded Kinder Books in 2011 with the intention to provide children and their families with beautiful books that spark the imagination and interest in the world we live in. As a teacher interesting materials are a must for me. I presented my collection at various teacher conferences and I received much positive feedback.

The years following I partnered with more publishers, distributors and local authors, and I expanded my collection. I am also a mom of two avid readers, Amelie and Luka. My kids love to have a book store in their basement and opening book deliveries is a big highlight in our house.

What first inspired you to open an independent children’s book store? How did you get started?

I was born and raised in Germany where even little towns have a book store. My whole life I have been surrounded by books and stories, whether it was my father trying to find answers to my endless questions in big encyclopedias or my grandma, who would always weave a story with me and my siblings in it right before our very ears.  When I moved to North America in 1999, I missed the little book store feeling where you could sit down and read for hours. I only found the big, sterile looking stores and there people with a passion for books were a rare find. When I found them, and I did, they were indeed real book lovers and I got to learn from them about North American Children’s Literature. I decided that I needed to find children’s books that are beautiful, challenging and open ended. I believe that we need to give children the freedom and opportunity to think and feel for themselves. We need books which include everyone on the planet and books that make us aware of the beautiful place we live in. For the past 6 years we have been a traveling book store and with this concept we have reached a broad audience throughout the Lower Mainland. You can find us at Artisan Markets, community festivals, teacher’s conferences, fundraisers and more. A brick and mortar store is planned within the next 5 years.

What is your favourite part about your job?

I love that new books are being published all the time! And that children’s books are so versatile. My horizons have expanded since I started reading children’s books ! The words wittiness, depth and mindfulness appear when I think about children’s literature. I get to share my passion for great children’s books with my audience and inspire thinking.

I am deeply moved by the emotions I see when people read. For example, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. People will see it, recognize it, pick it up and open the cover as if they were hugging an old friend. I always wonder under what circumstance and how they have experienced this story. I love that I can make connections with my community – small and big.

I was surprised after talking to a mother I had met at a book event many years ago how much my book suggestions for her then 1 year old helped to turn this boy into an avid reader. He is now 6 and I still receive calls by this mom asking for more recommendations for him. When you come to see my book display you will see a big part of me, my thoughts and my interests are displayed on the table.