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The best books for toddlers are typically those that are colourful, engaging, and interactive. Board books with sturdy pages are great for little hands to handle. Simple stories with repetitive phrases or rhymes help toddlers learn language and develop early literacy skills. Books with bright illustrations that depict familiar objects, animals, and experiences are also popular choices. Additionally, interactive elements like flaps to lift, textures to feel, or sounds to hear can make reading even more enjoyable for toddlers.

Things to keep in mind when selecting books for your child:

Age and Developmental Stage
Select books appropriate for your child's age and developmental level. Board books with simple pictures and few words are ideal for babies and young toddlers, while preschoolers may enjoy more complex stories with longer narratives.

Interests and Preferences
Take into account your child's interests and preferences. Whether they love animals, vehicles, fantasy, or factual information, choose books that align with their interests to keep them engaged and excited about reading.

Engagement Level
Look for books that capture your child's attention.

Pay attention to the illustrations. Bright, colourful, and captivating illustrations can hold a child's interest and enhance the storytelling experience.

Choose books that are relevant to your child's experiences and everyday life. Stories about family, friendship, emotions, and daily routines can help children relate to the content and make connections with their own lives.

Quality and Content
Consider the quality and content of the book. Opt for well-written stories with positive messages, accurate information, and age-appropriate language. Be mindful of cultural diversity and representation in the books you select.

Assess the readability of the book. Select books with clear font styles and sizes, as well as appropriate text-to-picture ratios, to make reading enjoyable and accessible for your child. 

Ultimately, observing your child's reactions and preferences as you read together can provide valuable insights into what types of books they enjoy most. Experiment with different genres, styles, and authors to find the perfect books that resonate with your child and foster a lifelong love of reading.

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We carry books for kids ages 0 to 14, and we also have a small collection of books for adults. We are more than happy to order any title for any age group. This service is free.

We have favourite publishers and authors and are looking for interesting, engaging and challenging books. We love beautiful illustrations and stories that inspire and connect. We meet with publishers to learn about the latest releases, we meet with people who write books. We follow other “book people” to learn what they like.

We organize our books by theme, interest and age. We have a section for young kids for ages 0-3, a picture book section for ages 2-7, chapter books for various ages groups, and a section with books for adults. We pair these collections with other products such as puppets, flashcards etc. to enhance the experience and learning.

We also create various displays throughout the store to cover various interests and current issues.

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Orders, Shipping & Returns

Of course, please email with your order number; we are happy to help.

Sometimes orders will be shipped in two shipments. Other times certain items may be on backorder. We will always leave a note if an item is not included in the shipment. And, of course, you can always contact us at about any issues with your order.

Throughout the year, we roll out exclusive promotions that our newsletter subscribers get early access to. While we can't sustain free shipping consistently, we do provide complimentary in-store pick-up or arrange free pick-up within the Tri-Cities area.

We use Canada Post to ship. There are various options available.

Sorry, we only ship within Canada.

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Read & Reward Program

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Whenever someone mentions your school when making a purchase at Kinder Books or an online order (leave the name of your school in the special notes field), we record the net value of the purchase (without tax). 10% of the sale will be credited toward the school to receive free books. The total amount will be reported to the school at the end of the year. The school librarian can then decide to either come in for a shopping day or to keep going.

Absolutely! We will provide you with instructions/links and graphics to share with your community. Orders can be delivered directly to the school after the book fair ends or picked up at our store.

You can place your order through our website and add the recipients’ name and school in the note field.

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