Something Blue - The work of artist Lee Chin, March 1-30, 2024

Something Blue - The work of artist Lee Chin

About the artist

Lee Chin, a self-taught artist and a stay-at-home mother to twin girls, found solace in painting during a challenging phase of postpartum depression. Initially a therapeutic outlet, her artistic journey began as a means to navigate her emotions, creating pieces intended solely for the enjoyment of close family and friends. However, as time passed and her collection of canvases expanded, her artistic endeavour grew beyond a mere hobby, blossoming into a passion that brings her a newfound sense of liberation and confidence to convey her thoughts and visions to a wider audience. She paints based on her personal experiences and observations of the world around her, and takes inspiration from real life events and figures in her daily life. Through her use of vibrant colours and a whimsically expressive style, she creates an enchanting and playful surrealist realm within her paintings.

 Sign up for the workshop on March 23,  HERE

Something Blue

 Sign up for the workshop on March 23,  HERE

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