Meet Anne - The Heart of Kinder Books

Growing up in her home country of Germany, Anne Uebbing was surrounded by books. She intuitively understood that reading and learning were the keys to personal growth and the cumulative betterment of society itself.

Illustration by Nicholas Brancati

“Oftentimes, you go to a bigger bookstore and the goal is to sell lots of books but you don’t necessarily speak to people who actually read lots of books.”

- Anne Uebbing

Inside Kinder Books children's bookstore located in New Westminster.

Curation and variety at it's finest.

The inventory at Kinder is not a standard collection of cookie-cutter titles, it is a highly curated selection of unique stories, and Anne has personally read every one of them at least once.

She can easily recommend complimentary titles and authors that explore similar themes and ideas. This commitment to curation is why Anne is much more than a book merchant; she is a literacy consultant.

Looking for recommendations or ideas to bring more reading into your life, family or classroom? Reach out to Anne today!

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