The difference between right and better...

Picture of Anne Uebbing -founder of Kinder Books, a bookstore in New West, BC that being right is about the past while being better is about building the future. (Oliver Jeffers in Begin Again)

Thirteen years ago, I found myself seated at this very table, a quiet sanctuary where I would often ponder the changes I longed for in the year ahead. At that time, my days were filled with the laughter of children and the fulfillment of being an Early Childhood educator—a role I held close to my heart.

Yet, amid the joy, a persistent sense of something missing lingered, a feeling that whispered of unexplored possibilities and untapped potential.

The desire to bring my ideas to life and guide a team tugged at my soul. It was a call to embrace the responsibility of leadership and entrepreneurship, a call that, while thrilling, also carried with it the weight of the unknown.

So Kinder Books' story began in 2011, first as a travelling bookstore and then in 2020 a brick-and-mortar store at River Market in New Westminster. I can hardly believe that this happened 4 years ago already!

The growth of a business depends on trial and error, many times over and over again. I have learned many lessons in all these years and I aim to keep on learning and improving.

As I look back, I can honestly say there are no regrets—only celebrations. Each hurdle we faced, every decision we made, has shaped the present, a place of growth, resilience, and shared achievements. It's a celebration of the team's spirit, dedication, and our collective journey from uncertainty to a place of accomplishment.

As we move forward, my heart brims with gratitude for the experiences that have shaped us and a deep-seated excitement for the continued evolution that awaits.

May the turning wheel of progress propel us forward, ensuring our journey remains a personal tapestry woven with the threads of growth, learning, and heartfelt celebration.

I am grateful to have a wonderful team in place-Jane, Nick, Sarah, Veronika, Max-you are all solid pillars of Kinder Books! Your dedication has been the driving force behind our accomplishments.

To all of you, thank you for all the trust and support you have given us to make the big dream become reality and to keep us going!

We have many new exciting things for you and your family in the making. We will announce them in our upcoming newsletters, on our chalkboard and social media!

See you in the 'hood soon!


Anne and the Kinder Books Team



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Your team and store are very appreciated in the community!

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