What Colour is the Rainbow?

Age Range: 3 - 4
Age Range: 5 - 7
Age Range: 8 - 11

Peppermint Toast Publishing

  • $14.00

What Colour is the Rainbow? Find out on a walk with t’uc’up! The Port Alberni Friendship Centre collaborated to create What Colour is the Rainbow? Further, Peppermint Toast Publishing donates 10% from each sale to the Port Alberni Friendship Centre. In other words, your purchase of What Colour is the Rainbow? promotes Aboriginal culture and language renewal. Now, that’s certainly a good story!

It is the third of five books in the t`uc`up Series.


“The Port Alberni Friendship Center wishes to acknowledge the Traditional Territory of the C’išaaʔatḥ (sis sha ahtah or Tseshaht) and Hupačasath People. Therefore, we humbly offer our sincere gratitude to the Elders, Chiefs, and People of these territories for their gracious hospitality and for allowing us to live, work, and play on their beautiful land.

The Port Alberni Friendship Center offers our sincere gratitude to the Elders and Knowledge Keepers who contributed their Traditional Knowledge, Language Translation, and Stories so generously in the creation of our book, including the following:

yaʔałat – Kathy Robinson

wiic̓aʔin – Erma Robinson

kʷiʔiil – Katherine Robinson

yaasuisʔaks – Jessica Sault

A special thank you to The First Peoples’ Cultural Council for the generous financial contribution. Because of your gift, this book is possible.