What Bear Likes Best: Rhymes for children

What Bear Likes Best: Rhymes for children

Age Range: 3 - 4
Age Range: 5 - 7

Simon & Schuster

  • $19.95

The first in the series of three adorable vintage books of rhymes from Erwin Moser featuring a comical crew of animals.

The eagle’s sitting on her nest. A walk is what the bear loves best.     

What do a sheepdog and fox, a stork and a leopard, and an octopus and an ostrich have in common? The solution is simple: Erwin Moser depicts them all with ingenious rhymes and portrays them in typical and unusual situations in eleven playful spreads. Above all, the great warmth and clever wit of Erwin Moser is spoken via his illustrations. Through juxtapositions of two animals on each spread, he tells a whole story.

Like no other, Erwin Moser mastered line art drawing. His style with the fine contours and bright colors and the sophisticated rhymes make these stories a great pleasure even for the youngest.