Welcome, Rain

Welcome, Rain

Age Range: 3 - 4
Age Range: 5 - 7

Greystone Kids

  • $22.95

We all love rain—until we are ready for some sun! This joyful ode to rain for kids 2 to 6 explores a child's many emotions when it comes to wet weather.

In this charming picture book, a young child's conversation with the rain poetically captures the ever-shifting feelings we have when it comes to drizzles and downpours. She thanks the rain for helping the strawberries and carrot seeds to grow, and delights in splashing in the puddles with her little brother. Then, she asks the rain if it could take a vacation so she can play in the park and go lightning fast on her scooter. Eventually, it's too hot for sidewalk chalk and catching frogs, and she begins to miss it.

Welcome, Rain! encourage kids to:

  • Get outside to explore and play, even in the rain
  • Understand why rain is important, from helping plants grow to bringing cooler temperatures

Cycling through the four seasons, this adorable picture book is a celebration of our feelings for the rain—how we wish it would go away, then long for it when it's gone—and the necessary role it plays in our lives.