The Walk

The Walk

Age Range: 3 - 4
Age Range: 5 - 7
Age Range: 8 - 11


  • $23.95

A walk. A chance meeting. A stunning wordless book that will inspire the imagination of children to create their own story in their own words.

 There may be nothing more fun for our dog than playing and spending time with us. Going for a walk in the park, running freely and jumping excitedly when we are about to throw a stick at him are the happiest moments for him. However, there are times when joy can be found in the most unexpected fleeting moments. Our protagonist, after his master tossed a stick at him, runs to look for his treasure. He searches, sniffs, jumps, plays, until he finds —what a great surprise!— that a little bird has perched on his pole and seems to be interested in him.

A wordless picture book, printed on stone paper, that invites you to walk, discover, connect and unite. To savor every moment, to explore, to stimulate creativity and imagination.