The Flat Rabbit

Age Range: 3 - 4

Owl Kids

  • $17.95

When a dog and a rat come upon a rabbit flattened on the road in their neighborhood, they contemplate her situation, wondering what they should do to help her. They decide it can’t be much fun to lie there: she should be moved. But how? And to where? Finally, the dog comes up with an inspired, and unique, idea and they work together through the night to make it happen. Once finished, they can’t be positive, but they think they have done their best to help the flat rabbit get somewhere better than the middle of the road where they found her.

Sparely told with simple artwork, The Flat Rabbit treats the concept of death with a sense of compassion and gentle humor – and a note of practicality. In the end, the dog and the rat’s caring, thoughtful approach results in an unusual yet perfect way to respect their departed friend.