The Artist

The Artist

Age Range: 5 - 7
Age Range: 8 - 11

Berby Publishing

  • $23.99

A celebration of childhood freedom and creativity that encourages readers to find awe in the natural world world.  

"The Artist is a captivating book about a young boy's artistic spirit and the natural world that inspires him. A beautifully rendered story, told with deep understanding and insight." Tohby Riddle, author of Nobody Owns the Moon

The Artist likes to paint one picture before breakfast. When the world is quiet.

In a small red boat, he sits surveying the world around him, paying special attention to the sunlight, reflections, and the birds, of course. Always the birds. He’s not alone though. He has Young Dog and Old Dog, his friend the Storyteller, and his piano. But he’s most at home with his paintbrush, capturing the wonders of every day with his unique perspective.

This story encourages readers to embrace their inner artist and validates the time they devote to developing their skills