Sometimes I feel like a river

Sometimes I feel like a river

Age Range: 5 - 7
Age Range: 8 - 11
Age Range: 3 - 4

Groundwood Books

  • $18.99

Following the huge success of Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox, this companion book is a lyrical celebration of our relationship to the natural world.

In each of twelve short poems, a child tells us how or why they feel like the sun, a river, a mountain, a cloud, the rain, a forest and more. Their deeply felt connections and identification with these wonders point to how much we are all part of the natural world. Each poem comes to life through vivid, playful illustrations that show the children immersed in their surroundings. The book serves as a gentle call to action — to notice, appreciate, preserve and protect our environment, while delighting in all its beauty. 

A mindfulness activity — A Mindful Walk or Roll — invites young readers to use their senses to

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