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The wordless picture book, ever rising in popularity, gets the reader involved in the storytelling. Similarly, Run, a one-word story, invites young readers to be the storyteller, while engaging in simple wordplay. Kids are excellent readers of pictures, catching hidden details and spinning their own tales as they connect to the story unfolding before them.

Like wordless stories, Run uses playful pictures to both tell a story and cleverly engage readers in the many meanings of a word. Run with a young boy on a journey away from home and back. This is a perfect resource for honing inference and prediction skills.

Your purchase of Run also makes big difference in the lives of youth! We believe that everyone plays a role in the healthy development and well-being of children. To this end, we donate 10% of the proceeds of every sale of Run. Visit First Call BC to explore how you can put children and youth first.


“I was interested in figuring out how many ways I could use a single word, and was shocked to find that the word ‘run’ has almost 650 different definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary! What started as an exercise in distinguishing meanings from one another turned into a fun opportunity to try to tell a story with one word. I sent the story idea over to Nazar, a brilliant illustrator living in Ukraine. He jumped on board to create the illustrations and design for what we now have as Run.

As an author, I love to invite another artist into the mix and see what happens. Inevitably, the end result is better than it would have been if I had kept it to myself. And a one-word story? Safe to say, Nazar carries this story with his art.”