Please don't give me a hug

Please don't give me a hug

Age Range: 1 - 2
Age Range: 3 - 4

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  • $9.95

There are children who, at heart, enjoy a solid bear hug, and there are many who don’t—and that’s okay. Love and affection can be shown in many ways! In this sweet book, diverse children share different ways they feel comfortable being greeted by new and familiar friendly faces.

Author Judi Moreillon’s simple, powerful words describe the many ways a person can show they care, highlighting the importance of empathy and consent. Estelle Corke’s illustrations capture the warm feelings of greeting a friend. For special use with children on the autism spectrum or with touch sensitivity, Please Don’t Give Me a Hug! has an encouraging emphasis on social-emotional development that instills confidence in children encountering unfamiliar or scary social situations.