My First Learn-To-Draw: Things That Go: (25 Wipe Clean Activities + Dry Erase Marker)

Age Range: 3 - 4
Age Range: 5 - 7

Roger Priddy

  • $19.99

With wipe clean pages, reusable dry erase exercises, and adorable cars, trucks, and other things that go, My First Learn-to-Draw activity workbooks are the perfect gift for ages 3-6!


25 wipe-clean activities in a reusable and durable wipe-clean format: each page can be drawn on again and again!

One dry erase marker: for a ready-made drawing kit

4 simple steps: each drawing has four easy steps, perfect for ages 3-6 to follow

Introducing a brand new series of My 1st Learn-to-Draw books that encourage 3-6 year-olds to learn how to draw. With clearly-illustrated steps and space for the child to create their own drawings, this wipe-clean learning activity workbook helps budding young artists perfect their skills. Made a mistake? No problem! Wipe it away, and use your wipe clean marker that is included to start over again.