Lonely Planet Kids 101 Things to do on a Walk

Lonely Planet Kids 101 Things to do on a Walk

Age Range: 8 - 11
Age Range: 12 - 14

Lonely Planet

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101 Things to do on a Walk is a fun, practical, creative book filled with activities to do while on trips out in nature - both locally, and not so locally. Take this book with you on a walk with the family to provide inspiration for nature-themed crafts and activities - from bird-spotting, bark rubbing and macro insect photography to playing Pooh sticks, identifying wildlife and building a den.  Beautifully presented with a mixture of illustrations and photography, this title will help children to unlock their imaginations and get in touch with the natural world all around them. Featured activities include:


• Wildlife spotting

• Listening to birdsong

• Looking for wildflowers

• Macro-photography

• Building a den

• Bark and leaf rubbing

• Making a whistle from a blade of grass

• Finding amphibian spawn

• Playing Pooh sticks

• Identifying different stones

• Cloud Spotting

• Making flower chains

• Searching for Butterflies

• Rainbow spotting

• Flying seed helicopters