Into the Wild Conversation Cards/Writing Prompts

Into the Wild Conversation Cards/Writing Prompts

Age Range: 12 - 14

Dawn Armstrong

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Great to use as writing prompts!


For your Classroom, around the dinner table and the fire. For Journaling.

With your Lover. Gifts for Hosts. Wedding Settings. For YOU and a journal. 

These cards take you and your heart places!


Dare to Explore
Listen to Connect
Grow your Roots

52 question cards to connect you to your people. Road trips. Dinner Parties. Classrooms. Boardrooms. Bedrooms.
​Includes an extensive guide to facilitate this activity at work, with groups or in your home. We guarantee that if you use our guide you will be more confident, comfortable and in tune in your relationships and with your leadership abilities.  

Canadian Made 


For ages 12 and up