Fairy Lovers Bundle ages 4+

Age Range: 3 - 4
Age Range: 5 - 7

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Introducing our enchanting Fairy Lovers Bundle – a whimsical collection of magical products that will transport you to a world of wonder and fantasy. Perfect for kids aged 4 and above, this bundle is designed to ignite their imagination, foster creativity, and provide hours of enchanting entertainment.

Bundle includes:

Papoose Oak Leaf House with Wool Felted Mat:

Step into a world of make-believe with the Papoose Oak Leaf House. Crafted from natural materials, this charming little abode is the perfect home for your fairy friends. Complete with a cozy wool felted mat, it's an inviting spot for your child's imagination to take flight. The intricate detailing and sustainable craftsmanship of this set will captivate children and adults alike.

Backyard Fairies by Phoebe Wahl

From an Ezra Jack Keats Award-winning illustrator comes a magical story that proves fairies are real and they're all around us. They MUST be. Who else could have braided the dog's hair? Who else could be playing that faint music in the air? And who else could've made those mysterious circles in the grass? So thinks a little girl as she sets out into the woods in her backyard searching for the elusive little creatures.

Dolls - Elves Bright 6pcs Felted Wool:

These handcrafted Felted Wool Elves are the perfect companions for your little one's magical adventures. Each elf is made with love and care, using high-quality felted wool. Their vibrant colors and soft textures make them irresistible playmates. Your child can use these elves to interact with the Papoose Oak Leaf House and create their own fairy tales.

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