The Bear Who Touched The Northern Lights an interactive story puzzle

Red and Blue Stories

  • $36.00

Storytelling and playtime merge in this fun puzzle for little humans 4+.

Welcome to fun interactive storytime! - where beautifully illustrated puzzle pieces coexist with cute and engaging animated stories, where choices you make impact how the story goes, where the Frozen Lands are home to a little polar bear longing for an adventure, and where the Northern Lights have little companions dancing high in the sky with them!

  • For little humans 4 years old and up
  • Choose-your-own adventure: up to 9 key moments where choices can be made, which impacts the later story.
  • In the box: 1 play guide and 16 connecting story cards ( 4 swappable cards, 2 optional cards & 1 start card and 9 milestone cards)
  • Requires a device supporting AR to activate the cards and play through the story. Most modern devices are supported. Check our device compatibility page for details.
  • Can be played without parental guidance (except on first play to understand how to use the app)
  • Free companion app The Bear Chapters available on the App Store and Google Play Store