Daytime Nighttime All Through the Year
TYPE: Paperback

Daytime Nighttime All Through the Year

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Kinder Books

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“While you are sleeping and when you arise, animals everywhere lead busy lives. Winter or summer, and all the year through, let’s take a look at what some of them do.” Eagles fish for breakfast, bats eat mouthfuls of mosquitoes, squirrels busily gather acorns, and cougars quietly prowl through snow. Diane’s delightful rhyming verses depict the diverse lives of two animals for each month of the year—one animal that’s active during the day and another active at night, for a total of 24 fascinating critters. Andrea gives her water color paintings a stylized flair by employing her own unique digital technique. Additional information and activity suggestions give kids, parents, and teachers ways to explore more about daily rhythms and yearly cycles