Canvas Tales: When Art meets Children's Literature

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Kinder Books is excited to announce our newest addition: Canvas Tales: When Art Meets Children's Literature.

We invite artists to exhibit and sell their artwork at our store for one month. We are a children's bookstore, and we ask that artists ensure their art is appropriate for our audience.

We will be selling your artwork on a consignment basis, with a 40/60 split, where 60% of the sales will go directly to the artist, or we offer the space for a rental fee.

We recommend that artists carry insurance for their artwork or sign a waiver if they choose to decline insurance.

If you're selected, we ask that you design a small poster announcing your exhibit and spread the word through your customer base and social media channels. This will help us get the word out and attract more visitors to your exhibit.

 To apply for this opportunity, please contact us at with examples of your artwork, a brief description of your exhibit and any other relevant information. Please add Canvas Tales: When Art meets Children's Literature in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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