What's Hidden in the Sky: Animal Constellations Around the World (shine a light books for children; kids interactive books)

Age Range: 5 - 7
Age Range: 8 - 11

Simon & Schuster

  • $26.99

"The stars have an uncanny ability to spark our imagination and curiosity and What’s Hidden in the Sky brings that spark to life" —Chris Farrie, Quantum Physicist and Author of 8 Little Planets 

“What's Hidden in the Sky returns the brilliant sky to children, and even to city dwellers, like myself, who are deprived of the opportunity to ponder the beauty of the universe."—
Dr. Yuan-Sen Ting, Associate Professor in Astronomy and Computer Science, The Australian National University

Glance out the window from eight locations around the world and marvel at the animal constellations hidden in the night sky above.

This enchanting book invites readers to imagine themselves gazing at the night sky from different children’s rooms around the world. Hold the windows on each page up to a light source, and constellations magically appear- celestial creatures that roam the sky before dawn.

What’s Hidden in the Sky offers eight playful riddles that each suggest a different animal constellation hidden in the night sky, depending on the time of year and the viewer’s location around the globe. This utterly unique child’s-eye view of the stars overhead is sure to amaze and delight stargazers of all ages.