Touch and Explore: Vehicles
Touch and Explore: Vehicles
Touch and Explore: Vehicles
Touch and Explore: Vehicles
TYPE: Hardcover

Touch and Explore: Vehicles

Kinder Books

  • $21.99

Touch and Explore: Vehicles is a multisensory journey for children who want to do more than just listen!

Touch the rough basket of a hot air balloon and lift the flap to find out more about the trash truck: TheTouch and Explore™ series, already bestsellers in their original French editions, are well-crafted interactive titles that encourage hands-on engagement, learning and knowledge retention. As you move through each page, young readers can touch theshiny wings of an airplane, therough basket of a hot-air balloon, and thepuffy sails of a sailboat!

• A splashy treat for visual learners and pre-readers, kids can discover the facts, feel, and functions of things that go
• Bright illustrations encourage kids to learn about the immersive world of vehicles
• Sturdy board book design is just the right size for small hands

Fans of other books in theTouch and Explore series will also enjoy the interactive learning and excitement found inTouch and Explore: Vehicles.
• Great family read-aloud book
• Books for 3–5 years old
• Books for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school children