Police Officer Pete

Police Officer Pete

Age Range: 3 - 4


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"'Officer Pete' by Ruth Wielockx is a fun picture book about a young policeman who is searching for something." - Wayne A McCoy

"A cute and quick little book about Officer Pete losing his police officer's cap and spending the day searching for it, taking every possible way one can search for things. When he's about to give up, he finds it's been at the station all along, as well as a birthday party because he was so busy, he forgot his own birthday! The illustrations were bright and colorful, too.“ - Jennifer - Reviewer

Police Officer Pete has an important job today. The chief asked him to take a letter to the post office. It says TOP SECRET in big black letters. Pete immediately sets off, but then someone steals his cap. “Stop, thief!” Officer Pete calls. And he sets off in pursuit with his tracking dog, Sniffer. Will Pete find his police cap? And who’s the thief?

A funny and exciting picture book about a brave police officer and his clever dog. (And about a surprise party. Shhh!) For keen noses ages 4 and up.