Pocket Change: Pitching In For A Better World
TYPE: Hardcover

Pocket Change: Pitching In For A Better World

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Until a few hundred years ago, people were embarrassed to buy
bread in a store. Families took pride in making almost everything
they owned. These days, many people take pride in buying as
much as possible! New clothes, a speedier bicycle, the latest
phone. If we've got money, someone can sell us a product that will
supposedly make our lives better. But each year, humanity uses
resources equivalent to nearly one and a half Earths, and we're still
not meeting everyone's needs. Around the world, people are
questioning consumerism, leaning toward more sustainable
lifestyles and creating a whole new concept of wealth. What if you
could meet all your needs while getting to know your neighbors
and protecting the environment at the same time? Find out how
growing a tiny cabbage can fight poverty, how a few dollars can
help ten families start their own businesses and how running
errands for a neighbor can help you learn to become a bike
mechanic—for free!