Lucy's Light


  • $23.95

Winner at the 2016 Gellet Burgess Award - Society & Culture and at the 2016 International Latino Book Awards. This is a tale all about how important it is to shine as brightly as you can, with the light that we all carry within us and makes us unique.

 Lucy is the youngest member of a family of fireflies. She wants to shine like all the others, but she’s too little to head off to light up the forest. Finally, one night, after waiting and waiting, it is Lucy’s turn. She is ready! She can head off to light up the forest, but something is stopping her.

The following evening, when it’s time to set off, Lucy's excitement disappears and she doesn’t want to leave. Fortunately, her family support her and encourage her to shine bright and trust herself no matter what. Being aware of one’s talent is difficult, but we have to remember that we are unique, and we have so much to share!