Leading at the Edge
Leading at the Edge
TYPE: Paperback

Leading at the Edge


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Through the stories, the reader is transported to new and fledgling democracies such as Namibia, Croatia, Guatemala, Kosovo, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Jerusalem, Afghanistan and Haiti. The book presents a digest of the experiences of the police officers and illustrates how they have positively influenced their host country in an attempt to make this world a safer and better place to live.

Leading at the Edge is a reference for anyone who loves history, travel, adventure and who has an interest in social science and criminology. It is also a reference for police officers, people interested in foreign diplomacy, international affairs, military affairs, criminal justice reforms, humanitarian work or for anyone who has an interest in peacekeeping. In this book, you will learn about the work of Canadian police peacekeepers in international

This book will demonstrate that peace building and peacekeeping continue to be pillars for human security especially in light of recent worldwide attacks on democracy by terrorist groups. Canada and the rest of the world have a crucial role to play in helping those nations respect human rights, build up their economies and ensure they have the tools to fight back terrorism for the prosperity of their citizens.


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