Cub's Journey Home
TYPE: Hardcover

Cub's Journey Home

Age Range:

Red Deer Press

  • $18.95

Little Cub does not know about the world outside, or winter, or the passing seasons. The only home he knows is with his mother in their warm, comfortable den. Before long needles of sunlight start stabbing through the den's entrance and Mother Bear knows it is time to go out into the world in search of food. In this bright new world of possibilities Little Cub learns to climb trees and run and play. He helps his mother eat up all the juicy insects and drink the sweet honey.

But there are dangers in this world as well — the air becomes heavy and dark and Mother Bear starts to smell the approaching smoke of a forest fire. It hurts to breathe and their eyes sting. In the chaos of the fire Little Cub discovers he has lost his mother. There are other bears everywhere but they are too dangerous to be around for a young bear like Little Cub. In the aftermath of the fire both Little Cub and Mother Bear will search to find their true safe place in this world — together.