Butterfly Wings with Crysalis

Butterfly Wings with Crysalis


  • $65.00

Teach your little one how butterflies and other insects grow with these beautiful butterfly wings that come inside a chrysalis. By flipping the chrysalis inside out, the butterfly's body and rainbow wings are revealed, helping them understand this amazing transformation and letting them have a lot of fun while doing it. Bringing the wings inside and out of the chrysalis and wearing the wings on their own will also let them practice their motor skills and how to get dressed. Lots of pretend play time and costume parties may follow too ;-)

The chrysalis comes inside a fabric bag with a 'recipe' to make the metamorphosis happen that is perfect to store the toy and also doubles as a great, environmentally friendly, gift wrap.

The chrysalis is made of boiled wool. The butterfly's body is made of felt and the wings are made of double layered tulle. There are comfortable elastic bands on the sides of the butterfly's body and on the tip of each wing for easy wearing. The toy can be hand washed and line dried. Please do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean. Low iron can be used, if necessary. Please keep all parts of this toy away from fire.