Big Red and the Little Bitty Wolf
TYPE: Hardcover

Big Red and the Little Bitty Wolf

Magination Press

  • $14.50

In recent years, the media, educators, and researchers have paid increased attention to the epidemic of childhood bullying in an effort to reduce and prevent bullying behaviors. A modern twist on the classic tale,Big Red and the Little Bitty Wolfdemonstrates that sometimes an unexpected solution to being bullied can have surprising success.

Little Bitty Wolf has a big problem. He used to love to walk to school at Pine Cone Elementary. Until Big Red Riding Hood moves into town.

Big Red isn't just big, she is mean. And she loves nothing more than teasing, taunting, and terrorizing Little Bitty. What is a wolf to do?

Little Bitty talks to his parents and tries lots of different ideas to stop the bullying. But in the end, it takes something unexpected to get Big Red to stop!

Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers with warning signs to look out for that may indicate a child is involved in bullying, and steps to take to improve the situation — whether your child is the victim, perpetrator, or a bystander.