A Most Mysterious Mouse
TYPE: Hardcover

A Most Mysterious Mouse

Enchanted Lion Books

  • $26.95

It seems fair to say that there have never been as many mice in any book as there are in this one! This may well be because the protagonist, a singular and most ambitious cat, has promised himself that by the age of eighteen he will have imagined ONE MILLION MICE! Every stripe of mouse is imagined here, except for one—the most mysterious mouse!
“Touching on themes of solitude, creativity, and obsession, it’s a story that’s alternately elusive and philosophical, thanks to Shugaar’s mischievous translation and D’Andrea’s sly, sleek, and sumptuous drawings.”—Publishers Weekly
“A delightfully zany and surreal exploration of the ways in which we humans obsess and isolate ourselves over real or imagined troubles--all told through the eyes of a perfectionistic, philosophical cat. An unexpected end makes this playful, mouse-filled romp a treasure to read.”—Hannah DeCamp, Avid Bookshop, Athens Georgia
Giovanna Zoboli is a writer and publisher who lives and works in Milan. She is she is currently the editor and art director of Topipittori, which she founded with Paolo Canton. Her books, which count more than thirty, have been published in Italy and abroad. Since A Most Mysterious Mouse with Enchanted Lion Books, her title, Professional Crocodile, was published by Chronicle Books.
Lisa D'Andrea is an award-winning illustrator who lives and works in Padua. She spent her childhood in northern Italy and has devoted herself to drawing and painting ever since. After graduating from college in the humanities, she went to the International School of Comics of Padua. Since 2015, her work has been selected for many awards and exhibitions. In 2016 she took part in the traveling collective exhibition for the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.