Greek Myths: Three Heroic Tales
TYPE: Paperback

Greek Myths: Three Heroic Tales

Barefoot Books

  • $14.99

Do you dare journey to the underworld? Immerse young readers in 3 classic adventure tales from ancient Greece with this dynamic new chapter book.
- Includes the popular myths of Demeter and Persephone, Daedalus and the Minotaur, and Orpheus and Eurydice to give kids a head start in English class
- Bursts with illustrated character lists, a glossary, a Greek gods family tree, and a map of ancient Greece to make mythology kid-friendly
- Features enthralling artwork by The Arabian Nights and The Blue Bird's Palace illustrator Carole Hénaff to help younger readers follow the story
- Written by two world-renowned storytellers and edited by a Classics expert to craft authentic and thrilling retellings