Bee & Flea and the Puddle Problem

Bee & Flea and the Puddle Problem

Age Range: 5 - 7
Age Range: 8 - 11

Owl Kids

  • $18.95

Insect investigators Bee and Flea are back for another sleuthing STEM adventure!

After a busy week of crime-fighting, F.L.E.A. (Fenced-in Area Law Enforcement Agency) investigators Bee and Flea are invited to an exciting event: an after-the-rain party, hosted in a puddle. Bee feels reluctant to go—she should be working on earning her official F.L.E.A. badge, and she doesn’t even know how to swim!—but enthusiastic Flea drags her along.

The pair peruse the puddle party, until Bee spots a lost baby water bear huddled beneath a leaf. Returning the creature to its mother would definitely help her earn that badge! But on the way, she discovers a bigger problem. The puddle is getting smaller, and her friends’ home is at risk of disappearing!

The second book in this engaging and funny chapter book series sees rookie agent Bee overcome challenges and crack her first case. Dynamic black-and-white illustrations bring the cast of underwater partygoers to life, while sneaky STEM content introduces readers to the water cycle and other environmental concepts.