Simply Small Collection by Paola Opal (Simply Read Books)

Simply Small Series
For little ones with growing minds
Board books for ages 0-4, each one is about a cute baby animal that solves a problem young children can relate to.
“The images are perfect for newborns, with enough colour contrasting to capture their attention….Luckily they aren’t just pretty but fun, from birth for until preschool, a must have for the modern parent."
Word of Mouse Book Reviews

“…young children can observe young animals engaged in activities where they are beginning to assert their independence….Since Opal never attaches a gender to the little critters, the books are equally accessible to both girls and boys.”
Review, CM Magazine
Opal’s Awards and Highlights:
  • Recognized for excellence in book design by the Alcuin Society
  • Awarded a Kirkus Star
  • Twice on the Canadian Toy Testing Council’s great books for kids list

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