Spílexm A Weaving of Recovery, Resilience, and Resurgence

Spílexm A Weaving of Recovery, Resilience, and Resurgence

Age Range: Adult

Highwater Press

  • $32.00

In this exceptional memoir, bestselling author Nicola I. Campbell deftly weaves together rich poetry and vivid prose to illustrate what it means to be an intergenerational survivor of Indian Residential Schools.

If the hurt and grief we carry is a woven blanket, it is time to weave ourselves anew.

In the Nle?kepmxcín language, spíl?x?m are remembered stories, often shared over tea in the quiet hours between Elders. Rooted within the British Columbia landscape, and with an almost tactile representation of being on the land and water, Spíl?x?m explores resilience, reconnection, and narrative memory through stories.

Captivating and deeply moving, this story basket of memories tells one Indigenous woman’s journey of overcoming adversity and colonial trauma to find strength through creative works and traditional perspectives of healing, transformation, and resurgence.