Angels Inc.
TYPE: Chapter Book
TYPE: Paperback

Angels Inc.

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Wendy and Zachary decide to form a club to help their neighbors and come up with the name Angels Inc. Their first mission is to help an old woman across the street. But it turns out she really didn't really want to cross over to the other side. Then they paint a neighbor's shed, with disastrous consequences. Their next good deed happens when they see Mrs. Haddock wondering what to do with her dog while she goes to the market to pick up a cake. They offer to dog sit for her. But the dog gets free and is chased around by a Doberman. They return a very muddy dog to Mrs. Haddock who gets her dress all muddy and ends up dropping her cake. On their next mission, which was to mow Mrs. Creech's front yard, they notice a suspicious looking man and woman snooping around, who turn out to be thieves. After the police arrest the culprits, Mr.Beale asks if they want to paint his shed because someone made a mess of it!