When I Grow Up Mix & Match Jigsaw Puzzle

When I Grow Up Mix & Match Jigsaw Puzzle


  • $18.99

  • Fun and creative combinations - let your imagination run wild by putting together different heads, torsos and legs to make an almost unlimited number of combinations
  • Includes travel bag - you can carry these fun puzzle pieces with you anywhere, as the pieces all fit in a silkscreen bag with a drawstring
  • Develop fine motor skills - the pieces are small enough that children ages 2+ with Small hands can easily handle them and maneuver them into place
  • Dreaming about careers - Kids can use the puzzles to think about jobs they'd like to have when they grow up, including teachers, chefs, firefighters, astronauts and doctors
  • Double-sided pieces - the set contains 12 puzzle pieces, each of which has illustrations printed on both sides, which creates many potential combinations