Thoughts about the Indigenous Art Market on June 11,2022

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Notes from June 11


As I walked back and forth along the boardwalk on this early morning, carrying my things to set up my pop-up bookstore, I tried to focus on the sounds and sights.


I caught glimpses of conversations...


Sixties scoop



Our stories

My language



Connecting to my culture




And I knew then this day would become far more than “just” a market day. This was a special place. This was a special time.


The night before I had gathered books for kids and adults, hoping to support people in their search for answers about the story of the Indigenous Peoples, then and now.


My gaze travelled over to the Indigenous artists, artisans and business owners, who had set up their stunning wares in front of River Market in New West where my bookstore is located.


I saw confidence and strength. I heard people who came to support these business owners asking questions about their stories, about their wisdom and connection to the natural world. I felt something important was happening here. Something bigger than what could be accomplished by just reading the books I presented on my table.


Human connection.


The impressions and memories of this day will keep my heart pounding for a long time.


Thank you to everyone was there that day, for showing your support, for listening and feeling. This is just the beginning of our work.







Thank you New West Literacy Commitee and Family Services of Greater Vancouver for sponsoring Kung Jaadee’s “Haida Raven Tales and Songs”.


And, of course, Adele @adeles_photography, for taking these pictures!!


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