Janice Wu -Fine Art Exhibition for the Lunar New Year, Feb 1-29,2023

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Janice Wu is a visual artist and freelance illustrator who lives and works in New Westminster otherwise known as the unceded territories of the Qayqayt First Nations. As a second generation Chinese Canadian and a child of immigrants, a large majority of her work addresses cultural belonging, family history, and the diasporic experience. Wu’s practice centers around the act of noticing-or examining the overlooked. She uses drawing as a way to understand the world around her through investigating matter in the material realm: the discarded, unassuming, ephemeral, sentimental, the forgotten and the found. Wu’s creative process embraces slowness and deliberation. With the humble tradition of pencil and gouache, she render in painstaking detail the minutiae of our everyday lives, placing relic-like value on each chosen subject in the hopes that meaningful artifacts emerge.

The plastic bags showcased in her exhibit feature businesses that all exist in Vancouver Chinatown and have for multiple generations, they are an homage to a neighbourhood that is close to Wu's heart and heritage.

janice-wu.com  Instagram: janicewuartist

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